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Tomorrow is the start of National Dyslexia Week. I have a number of friends with dyslexia and have certainly worked with a number of dyslexic colleagues over my career.

I have seen that it has affected many areas of their life – not just their education and employment. One friend reported his inability to interpret road signs while driving left him stressed a lot of the time, and another friend remembers putting the wrong ingredients in a cake to comical (and embarrassing) effect.

I have looked into whether hypnotherapy could help a person with dyslexia and have found some anecdotal evidence that it has helped some people.

What is Dyslexia?

The British Dyslexia Society reports that there is a misconception that dyslexia just affects the ability to read and write. If this were true, it would be much easier to identify. In fact dyslexia can have an affect on areas such as coordination, organisation and memory.

Each person with dyslexia will experience the condition in a way that is unique to them and as such, each will have their own set of abilities and difficulties. However, there are common indicators. A cluster of these indicators alongside abilities in other areas could suggest dyslexia, and should be investigated further.

Do you:

  • Confuse visually similar words such as cat and cot
  • Spell erratically
  • Find it hard to scan or skim text
  • Read/write slowly
  • Need to re-read paragraphs to understand them
  • Find it hard to listen and maintain focus
  • Find it hard to concentrate if there are distractions
  • Feel sensations of mental overload/switching off
  • Have difficulty telling left from right
  • Get confused when given several instructions at once
  • Have difficulty organising thoughts on paper
  • Often forget conversations or important dates
  • Have difficulty with personal organisation, time management and prioritising tasks
  • Avoid certain types of work or study
  • Find some tasks really easy but unexpectedly challenged by others
  • Have poor self-esteem, especially if dyslexic difficulties have not been identified in earlier life

Can hypnotherapy help?

If you are living with dyslexia or know someone who is, hypnotherapy might be able to help through relaxation.

Some people with dyslexia report difficulties with understanding certain words and trying to make connections between their eyes and mind. It may sometimes seem that the harder they try to learn – the more difficult it becomes.

Some folks who have dyslexia have developed wonderful creative minds and can use it in many different ways. Their subconscious mind might be able to help them to improve other skills. Hypnotherapy allows the person to relax enough to access their subconscious mind and this includes their imagination and this might help to make new associations in the same way as other people do.

If you want to have a further chat about how I might be able to help you, please book a free half hour consultation with me – Habit Management and Obsessions & Compulsions

It’s National Dyslexia Week.


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