I used to be a smoker and the decision to quit through hypnotherapy was one of the best for my health, my life, my family and my future.

It’s Stoptober once again – your chance to give yourself and your family the gift of your life.   Quitting smoking has probably been at the forefront of their mind for a while, but the time wasn’t right.   With the risks associated with coronavirus on the your respiratory system, now is the best time to stop smoking for good.

Do it for you

Think about how great it will be to enjoy the confidence in your body’s ability to maintain its health when you are a non-smoker.  Your home, clothes and fingers will smell better, look better and feel better.  

You can feel amazing when you are a non-smoker.   You won’t have to clean your teeth or eat mints to keep your breath fresh at work or when you are socialising.  And your partner will appreciate it when they don’t feel like they are kissing an ash tray.

You can breathe easier and feel calmer and more confident.   You will be able to enjoy the social advantages of being able to go anywhere, socialise with anyone without feeling like a social outcast.  You will have more money to spend on socialising too now that you are not spending it on smoking.

You can breathe in fresh, clean air and smile as you feel it revitalise your body and your mind.   You will notice the difference when you are going to the gym or playing sport or taking a long walk out in the country.  

Why Hypnotherapy?

You can be a non-smoker if you choose.  Smoking is a psychological addiction which is why hypnosis is so successful with this problem.  For some people, hypnotherapy has proven more successful than drugs, nicotine chewing gum or patches, plus there are no harmful side effects.

For many people, including me, hypnotherapy has stopped me smoking for good in a single session. The session is tailored to you and your motivation for being a non-smoker and helping you to commit to that for the rest of your life.

When you are ready, contact me for a free half hour consultation and we can agree a plan to support your commitment to become a non-smoker. It may well save your life.


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