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Free half hour consultation

1 x 90 minutes session

Transcript and audio recording provided after the session on request

Subsequent sessions – £80 for 1 x 90 minute session

All sessions need to be paid for 48 hours before the scheduled session.   For sessions held in person, at least 48 hours notice must be given or £15 fee will need to be made to cover room hire.



Have you ever thought of yourself as, or someone else described you as, an “old soul”?  Have you met someone for the first time and felt they were familiar to you?  Do you think you have been somewhere for the first time but recognised it – “known” you have been there before? Do you believe in soulmates or soul groups that choose to reincarnate together again and again?  Are you interested in finding out more about past life regression?

It may be because you have lived before, and often more than once.  As a qualified hypnotherapist I can help you access past lives stored in your subconscious mind.  This can help you understand something that is happening in your current life that feels as though it doesn’t have its root cause in the present.

What is Past Life Regression?

Some people propose that our memories are passed on from one generation to another through the cell structure or DNA.    This may be called genetic memory.  Others believe we can access the memory of our soul, through the ‘Akashic’ records.  It is said that these are the spiritual record of everything that has ever happened.  It is also called Soul Memory or the Collective Consciousness.

Sometimes mental and physical ailments may be rooted in trauma from past lives, and sometimes they may be connected to lessons being learned in a person’s present life.  By accessing the person’s subconscious in this state, the cause and particular lessons for their current life can be examined. 

How can revisiting a Past Life help us with our current life?

The purpose of accessing a past life for someone is to support healing or understanding in their current life.

The subconscious mind of a person is accessed under hypnosis to take the person back to a previous life.  The previous life is used as a lens to examine an issue so the person can be helped to understand the impact in their current life.  This includes the exploration of any physical or emotional health issues in their current life which they feel  may have their origins in a previous life.

Other people in the current life of the person (“cast of characters”) are considered.   The subconscious will let the person know if they have shared a previous life with a person and what the relationship between them was.  Information is shared so that the person can understand more about their present life.   The session is completed with a discussion about what has been learnt for the person for their current life.  Notes are taken throughout the session and the session is always (with agreement) recorded as a digital audio file.  Both the transcript and recording are sent to the person soon after the session.

Reincarnation and karma

Some religions and others as individuals believe that we return to this world many times to experience and evolve.   This theory says that we must continue to return to a new life until we learn all the lessons we need in order to transcend beyond the human form.  Karma is the concept of “cause and effect”.  During each lifetime we have a life purpose and choose the people we interact with.  If we do harm to someone in one life, we must repay the harm in the next or subsequent life.  This can be either to that soul in another incarnation, or to someone else as agreed with the soul.  We create karma in our lives all the time in our daily interactions.  This may with those in our family and friendship groups, our work colleagues and those we meet in life.

In some cases a “vow” (for example, of chastity, obedience or poverty made as a priest or nun) may have been made in a previous life.  If this has not been released in that life, the person in their current life may have difficulties.  This can include in their relationships or things like keeping money.   The vow can be released under hypnosis and the person can get on with their life.

Some anonymised examples of recent cases

(Used with their permission.  Some details have been changed to protect anonymity)

Case 1

A man felt that his fear of abandonment and feelings of being responsible for everyone, had their origins in a past life.  With the help of his subconscious, we were able to access a life where he was the eldest child and chief breadwinner for a large family of younger siblings.  In that life from a long time ago, his father had left the family home when he was a teenager and then his mother died.  His life in that time was spent in servitude to his siblings and he had no partner relationship or family of his own.  In his current life this helped my client to understand what responsibility and abandonment were about and enabled him to appreciate the love and support he has around him.  He has said he longer dwells on these issues and his relationship with his family have been transformed.

Case 2

A young woman was helped to find her life purpose in healing and energy work through her experiences in a past life.   In that life she had lived in fear as a witch, and then was burnt to death in a field by villagers who were afraid of her abilities.

Case 3

One woman has discovered that a friend in this life who had died a few years ago, had shared a previous life with her – she was a butterfly, and her friend was a dragonfly.   Her subconscious mind told her that this was shown to help her understand the cycle of life and help her comes to terms with the death of her friend.

Case 4

One woman has spent her life refusing to “obey” others and needed to be in control.  Friends and work colleagues sometimes saw her behaviour as oppositional and confrontational and relationships suffered as a result.  The life she was taken back to showed her in a nunnery where she had taken vows of “chastity, poverty and obedience”.  Her subconscious mind explained that the “obedience” vow was still in place, but they agreed to remove it.  After the session she felt incredibly light and joyful and wished it had been removed years ago.

Case 5

One woman was shown a previous life where she was a young woman with high ambitions whose life was cut short by a car accident.  Her subconscious told her she needed to be more ambitious in this life and to make the most of her natural skills and abilities to change her profession.

How does the Past Life Regression hypnotherapy process work?

Consultation session

Consultation session

The free consultation is used to gain a short personal history to help understand the context of the person’s current life.  This includes information about parents, children, siblings, grandparents and extended family.  Information about past and present significant relationships with partners will also be explored.   Past and present friends who the person feels may be significant or have shared a previous life with are recorded.  A “cast of characters” to explore from their current life will be drawn up.   Agreement is reached about what the person would like to achieve through the hypnotherapy work.

The hypnotherapy session

The actual hypnotherapy session can be conducted in person in Sheffield or via zoom.  The session usually lasts about an hour and a half.  The main body of the session is audio recorded as an audio file and notes taken of the transcript.  These are kept in strict confidence according to privacy legislation.  They are sent to the person electronically after the session.

The session begins with a guided visualisation to take the person into the hypnotic state.  Through deep hypnosis using the “theta” state (just before sleeping and just after awakening) the subconscious can access the link to the collective consciousness.  Their subconscious mind is invited to take them to a previous life that is relevant to the issue that they want to explore.   Typically, this life is explored in three different significant time periods.  The death day and afterlife are accessed to examine the purpose of the life and lessons learnt.  Sometimes more than one lives are jumped into.  This may include earlier moments of the person’s current life if the subconscious mind considers this relevant.

Cast of characters

The subconscious is then invited to consider the “cast of characters”, the people you know from this life.  Their relationship to the person in a previous life is noted.  Anything relevant from that previous life for the person in this life is noted.   Physical and emotional health issues are considered alongside this.

Towards the end of the session the subconscious is then invited to give information and advice to the person that will help them in their current life.  The subconscious mind is then integrated back into the conscious mind and they are brought out of the hypnotic state.

Discussion afterwards

Notes throughout the session and these are discussed with the person after the session.  Some people remember everything, some people remember some things and some people remember nothing.  Themes are brought out and lessons considered for the future.

The main body of the session is audio recorded as an audio file.  The audio file is sent to the person electronically after the session via WeTransfer.

Are you curious?

There have been many possible explanations put forward as to what past life experiences may be.  You are free to choose whichever theory feels comfortable with your beliefs.

Are we just making it all up?  Some people think so.  However, there are many cases documented through historical research, which point to the accuracy of the information, far beyond the chances of random imagination.  I have worked with a number of people who report their lives transformed by the experience.

Regardless of personal beliefs, past life regression can work for most people.  Are you ready to find out? Message me to arrange a time for a chat and see if we can find a time for you to go on your journey …

5 reviews for Past Life Regression

  1. Steve Mullen (verified owner)

    What a totally amazing session with this lady today. She is such a warm and relaxing lady. Cathy took me through a fantastic relaxation where I was able to experience a universal journey. I was then surprisingly taken back to the priesthood of Egypt over 9000 years ago. This helped me to understand why I question myself and my knowledge base. What a brilliant thing to be able to understand what makes you really tick. I also saw a Viking village and knew I’d lived there also. Afterwards I was exhilarated and had a very positive feeling toward myself and the world. I most definitely recommend Cathy and will be seeing her again. Thank you so much Cathy. Amazing.

  2. Steve Mullen (verified owner)

    Had a totally amazing time with Cathy. Such a warm and gentle aura around her. My regression was a bit or a surprise where it took me. Egypt over 9000 years ago. Did not expect that, nor to be a priest. This revealed the reason I question myself and my knowledge base. It also helped me to understand the people around me and our links from the past. Again, some surprises there. Afterwards, I felt totally exhilarated and full of energy. Had the most outlook on live I’ve known in a long while. Definitely recommend this lady and will be booking again. Thank you Cathy for your amazing ability

  3. Trish

    During the session, I felt safe, relaxed and confident in Cathy’s abilities to handle whatever came up. She has a very calm manner and professional approach.
    Prior to the session, Cathy asked me to set an intention, what I wanted to get out of it. I was expecting to satisfy my curiosity mainly, however I decided to ask to be shown my best characteristics that really worked for me in previous relationships. I was shown a very happy & fulfilled life, where genuine acceptance was a key feature of love. It was a sort of “ how to do it” example. I was surprised that I received such a valuable lesson, one that has helped me better manage my relationships.

  4. Phoebe (verified owner)

    I had such an amazing past life regression experience with Cathy. She has such a calming manner and is so professional and she made my first experience of past life regression amazing. I will definitely be doing this again soon!

  5. Shelley marshall

    PAST LIFE……. with Cathy.

    What a experience! I really enjoyed our session and Cathy was very professional and with a calming voice. Cathy, set me at ease and talked me through what we was going to be doing.
    I felt relaxed and calm and excited.
    Below is what I said (Cathy records it and writes up the answers for what you say).

    I suffer with certain elements which I didn’t know why, I do now.

    I went back to 1938 and I was a girl aged 23 a writer living in London.

    ( I did move to London in 1999 aged 24 and I do feel that London is home)

    Abandonment – has been an issue with me and through Reiki, it has been released.
    My past life every time I went back I was abandoned, parents died, no siblings etc.

    It was the most amazing experience and it has helped me to release the last part of my jigsaw puzzle.

    When we was coming to the end of the session Cathy asked me if my subconscious mind had anything to tell me…..

    This is what I said.

    You are loved
    You are strong
    Release the feeling of abandonment and open your heart
    Receive love
    Bring down the walls and allow you to be whole
    You are strong, worthy
    You can do this
    Work hard to achieve
    You will get there
    Everybody will love you
    Everybody will hear about you
    You will help, heal
    You can connect to other realms
    You are powerful
    Feel it inside you
    The burning desire
    Follow the signs
    You are here
    You are connected to all
    You feel the world

    Very powerful words….

    Cathy is very experienced and she listens to you. You know Cathy wants to help you.
    Don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself.

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