Inner Child Work


1x 90 minutes Session

Second and subsequent sessions are £60 for 1 x 90 minute session



Inside each of us there is an inner child.  Our inner child lives in our unconscious mind and influences how we make choices, respond to challenges, and live our lives.  

That child is intelligent, playful, curious, spontaneous, and expressive. It is also emotionally sensitive, and very vulnerable in early life.  Positive messages of encouragement and praise nourish the inner child and help it form healthy self-esteem and a positive self-image. These messages are expressed in words, from parents and carers, family friends, teachers, coaches, etc. They also are conveyed in body language: smiles, hugs, and pats on the back, also contribute favourably.

In contrast, negative messages that harshly criticise and berate are wounding. The words used are often loud or even yelled. Sometimes the tone of voice is sarcastic or derisive.  To avoid the pain, we have tried to ignore that child, but s/he never goes away.

Inner child hypnosis uses a variety of tools and techniques to access, communicate with, calm, and heal your inner child. Hypnotherapy to heal your inner child can create positive changes if you seek greater self-worth and self-acceptance. It can help you to overcome self-sabotaging behaviour that your inner child learned to cope with your earlier life experiences.

To achieve these goals requires your full cooperation and you must really want to heal and make the changes and believe you can heal using the tools and techniques provided.


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